Orthopaedic Excellence of Long Island

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Dr. Cerruti has practiced Orthopedic Surgery in Nassau County, Long Island, NY since 1969.

His vocation for Orthopedic Surgery started during the training years at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Just after his graduation, under the guidance of the Professor in Orthopedics – Carlos Ortolenghi, Dr. Cerruti spent three years of research in Bone Tumors in the internationally known Italian Hospital in Buenos Aires, serving at the Latin American Bone Registry – directed by Professor Fritz Schajowicz.

As a result of this activity, he published his Doctoral Thesis in Multiple and Solitary Myeloma of Bone, which was laureated with the highest classification.

Upon his arrival to the United States and after completing his residency, Dr. Cerruti dedicated his efforts to pioneer joint replacements on Long Island. In 1973 he was visiting physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Orthopedics – under the direction of Dr. William Harris, and then at the Center for Hip Surgery in Writtington, England, under the direction of Sir John Charnley and at the Insespital, Berne, Switzerland, under the direction of Dr. Maurice Mueller, these being among the leading institutions of the world in joint replacements.

Dr. Cerrruti performed the first Charnley Low Friction Arthroplasty in Nassau County at Nassau Hospital (now Winthrop University) in 1973. He became Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, NY in 1978 where he created the Orthopedic Unit and organized the joint replacement program. Under his tenure, the Department of Orthopedics excelled in the treatment of arthritic patients and at the present time it has been graded as one of the best in the country under the direction of his successor and partner, Dr. Jan A. Koenig.

The Joint Endeavor Program at Mercy Medical Center is devoted to the total surgical care and rehabilitation of joint replacement patients, utilizing state-of-the art technology.

Dr. Cerruti has lectured extensively on research and clinical aspects of hip and knee replacements.

He has accumulated the most extensive clinical and surgical experience in this field of Orthopedic Surgery in Nassau County, New York.